• No. Our vehicles are used as public transportation and it is forbidden to smoke inside and if you choose to smoke there is extra charge of $200. • Regarding alcohol and drugs, we have ZERO tolerance. Same applies to the driver or customer while in the vehicle.
• We can provide the child seat to you for a fee, also you can bring your own child seat and there will be no additional charge for that. • Make sure to specify that type of child seat needed and the age of the child.
• Yes, driver will track the flight.
• Yes, we provide curbside pickup at no additional cost or meet & greet for a fee. • You must chose the option when making the reservation and enter your flight info as well.
• Immediately after the ride is complete you will receive a detailed email with the total amount charged.
• Yes you can., using the app or website, • You will need to enter passenger information in the ride details, including the best number to contact the passenger. Also your info on the „Additional Contact" including your phone. • For payment method, you can enter/use your credit card information.
• We are basically a cashless company and we do accept all major credit cards. Bookings and payments must be done thru the app but for your convenience we have included cash option but we still need your Credit card for booking, we have also wallet system.
• 99% of the time, NO. • Only in a few occasions during bad weathers or holidays like New Year’s Eve, EDC etc YES. • We need to stimulate the drivers to stay on the road so we can have available transportation for you.
HeXA is not transportation company but an alternative transportation booking, scheduling and dispatching platform focused on Chauffeured black vehicles.
• The calculator calculates the base fees from point to point or hourly rates, as per your request you might ask for extra stops, a child car seat or any other extra service that is chargeable. • We do charge a processing fee of 2.5% at the end of the ride.
• No it is not included. • If you'd like to tip the driver for his great service, you can do that I cash or thru the driver app.
• No hidden fees. • You might see additional charges on your bill based on the city you use our service: • 2.5% Processing Fee Applies. On all type of cards. • Between hours of 23:00 and 04:59 is considered late/early pickup fees and extra charges will be added to the fare. That fare would be 20%. • You might see additional charges on your bill based on the city you are using our service: • 2.5% Processing Fee Applies. On all type of cards. • Between hours of 23:00 and 04:59 is considered late/early pickup fees and extra charges will be added to the fare. That fare would be 20%. • Airport Arrival inside Meet & Greet Fee $12.
• Depends on that type of service you chose; transfer or by the hour mostly fare are hourly.
• Rates are calculated automatically, just type in the calculator located in the website or smartphone app, pick up location and destination. • Prices are calculated based on distance plus a premium added for using luxury vehicles.
• Yes, we do. • Having an account makes it easier to control your bookings, print receipts yourself and track any of the activity that occurs i
• We know plans can change, so we've designed an industry leading cancelation policy that's flexible for our customers and supports the drivers. • We respect your time and the driver's time as well - so we won't charge the cancelation fees and any applicable ride-related expenses if: • Cancelled more than 1 hr. 30 minutes prior to pick up time • If the booking is a „ RIDE LATER" -Less than 1 hr. 30 min, the charge is 100% of the total fare. • For „ RIDE NOW “bookings, 50 % cancellation fees if the driver have accepted the booking and is on the way to your location
• Any information you provide to us when booking is confidential and never shared with a third party.
• In the Sedans: 3 passengers with maximum 2 large pieces of bags and carry-ons. (No carry-ons accepted inside vehicles) • In the SUV's: 6-7 passengers with maximum 4 large bags and carry-ons. • In the Van's: 8-12 passengers with maximum 7 large bags and carry-ons. On 10 passenger vans there are allowed 8-10 large bags. 12 Passengers vans available. • All the large bags should be transported only in the trunk, no large bags or carry-ons are allowed inside the vehicles. • If your passenger/bag count exceeds the limits you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or you can reserve an additional vehicle. • Transportation safety regulations prohibit passengers and bags from riding in the front seat of the vehicle. • The driver has the right to refuse the ride if the passenger/ bag count exceeds the limits of the vehicle, which will result in extra charges for you, so please book accordingly.
• We offer many vehicle classes, distinguished by larger capacity and luxury amenities inside the vehicles. • We do assist potential clients with, how to use or book thru the application or website" over the phone. • You can track the driver thru the APP, see driver details and even call his real number. • We do more customized bookings thru the application. • Providing assistance for elderly people, providing baby car seats if requested, for a fee, calling necessary. • Allowing service dogs in the vehicles at no extra costs, • Being transparent regarding fees and prices, • Non-disclosure confidentiality agreements are in place, • Using experienced chauffeurs for a safe and comfortable ride. • We check driver’s background, 100% guaranteed. • We don’t rate you as a rider thru the APP. Everyone is a VIP. • You can rate the driver thru the APP, we want you to do so. • We are committed not to cancel your car in the last minute for no reason, like ride shares drivers does many times. • We use only black cars; we guarantee you’re not going to your meeting or else in a red car. • Reliable, trustful and luxury. Transportation network service,
• You can book a vehicle with HeXA Rides simply through • Our website: www.hexarides.com • Smartphone app (HeXA Rides /app) • If you need assistance with app or website: 1-702-238-3632